Friday, 12 November 2010

Thank You Trefriw Country Market.....

Thank you so much Trefiw Country Market - a first public outing of my bags and it was lovely to get such a positive response to work and to actually make sales  (see below)..... so I need to get back into the workroom to make more....  Made first Etsy sale too - the purse feature in my last post.   Urge everyone to check out their local Country Market, some lovely work being made with price tags which are a bit too low. Great cakes, also!

Upstairs then....

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Continued, continued........

The following day I completed the bag:

Those handles do look massive..... so need to rethink my making.    I think it needs a lot of refining.  The tiling is OTT but maybe fewer of them.  

So back to the drawing board/sewing machine today, and I am going to start working with the stitched line, image and minimal colour et voila:

My career in the laundry business failed to take off!!  Maybe, it was because I couldn't honestly say I was a great hemmer and buttoner.  However, made great headway in the garden.  Going to make chicken risotto now.

Monday, 8 November 2010

I was going to make at least two things - have only started one, of course.

Have at least 6 years of finished felted pieces - taking on bag and scarf forms.  However,  they were never perfect so, with scissors, have recycled them for inclusion in new scarves, bags etc etc.  Don't want this recycling of felt to be never ending, though.  This is how far I've got ....... , the cutting up:

The beginnings of reassembly:

Getting there:

Interrupted by job interview and piano lesson.  To be continued.   (Best news of the day is that 24 has been released on DVD... perfect as getting to the end of The Wire on DVD)