Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Small Embroidered Purses

Have a break from work, so can start to build up a small selection of work. As I enjoy working with the sewing machine as a drawing tool, I have made some felt using cream coloured wool tops to act as blank canvasses.

Made some felt yesterday using some natural Icelandic fleece.  I was trying to create a raised textural surface, but became a bit frustrated with my lack of success so sort revenge by placing it in the washing machine - the surface became very tortured and had long random white hairs protruding - it looked as if I had been shedding whilst felting.  Don't think I'll use that wool again.   Need to do small tests really otherwise I seem to waste large amounts of fabric.  Hence my wall hanging below: which incorporates all those pieces that did not work out!!

Have ordered a book from Amazon

which might help me get to the bottom of creating imaginative surfaces....