Friday, 10 June 2011

A Seamless Bag

When viewing listed felted items on Etsy, it seems to be a badge of honour if you have made a seamless bag, coat, flower whatever.  For some time I have been making fabric and then using the sewing machine to piece the item together.  So decided that I would create a seamless bag.  It took 2 days, practically and a lot of slog and many wet floors, tables, and towels but I did finally make that seamless bag, with pocket.  It was pretty massive to start off with, it is still quite large now despite masses of rolling, throwing and alternative throws in hot and cold water.  Anyway, here it is.

See the image bag diary:

Addicted to Dyeing

Having bought some Easy Acid Dyes, which do not require any additives at all, made some pre-felt discs in Icelandic wool tops, ready to immerse in dyes.

I also made some felt balls to creative the centre of the flowers - I plan to halve these and then perhaps decorate with beads.

Used tie dyed method.

I love the vibrant colours, and am going to make some cobweb felt which I will also hand dye, and will attach the flowers to the ends of the scarves.

Embroidered Purses Continuned

Went back to the drawing board, back to the sewing machine.   Making doodles in the sketch book followed by a doodle or two onto the sewing machine.  Spent two whole days making these, but was rewarded by sales on Etsy and some really nice feedback.  Have made some more cream felt ready for more sewing machine lines but have been side tracked by making flowers using hand dyed Icelandic wool - which is incredibly hairy and quite rough but which has an attractive decorative surface.